Peep through the Keyhole

I grew up playing cello in orchestra from grades five through 12 (with some double bass in there for a bit). I was fairly good; I played in the Minnesota All-State Orchestra for two years. I failed miserably at my college audition, and my time playing cello came to an end. I miss it, and regret letting the strings slip away through my fingers. I recently found a recording done by the Minnesota Orchestra of a song written by Dessa and Lazerbeak. Dessa, along with the Minnesota Orchestra, perform a perfectly synchronized orchestral piece over what appears to be video … Read more

Superb Media Coverage

I was given a Photoshop challenge, and I spent 10 minutes on it: take this photo by John Newsome and make it say Superb Owl. Two days later, it’s everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Have you seen it? And there’s proof. WFAA’s Verify got the scoop. This is the big media I’ve seen so far: WFAA’s Verify tells the story of the viral photo (and who I actually talked with)CBS Sports: What’s really going on with that Superb Owl train?CBS Miami: Viral ‘Superb Owl’ Train Photo Provides First Gotcha Moment Of Super Bowl LIIMPR News: Looking for the Superb Owl? It’s right here in MinnesotaUSA Today FOR THE WIN: No, … Read more